About Geewhiz Digital

We are focused on developing films, photography and motion design that is fresh and has an immediate impact with our clients audiences. We produce Corporate promos, informational films, Events films, Training and induction films. We provide the complete film production service.

From planning, story-boarding, filming, through to creating graphics, titles, audio effects, voice-overs, original music score and visual effects, all edited and mastered for final delivery, to help you tell your story. The filming process that we undertake for each and every project begins with talking g to our clients, storyboarding, and careful planning getting to know our clients message before we pick up a camera.

Why Choose Us?

A complete film production service

Able to deliver within short timescales

Here at GeewhizDigital we work across many industries delivering branded corporate communications. We offer a full video production and photography service. So whatever you have in mind we will have probably helped someone else in a similar market.

Excellent customer service

We are a creative business first and foremost. We bring ideas to the table that will ensure your video marketing stands out. If you need help or advice on how to achieve the best results with your videos then we are well placed to help.

Advice & creative solutions

Our work is cinematic, we tell stories in our corporate communications. We can supply you with sample examples of the quality of our work that relate to your industry, and a complete cost breakdown before we’ve even started working on the project. 

We have 30 years of experience

It makes sense to have one supplier for both your photography and film production. By offering both services, we can ensure your brand remains consistent and your experience as seamless and efficient as possible.

Plan - Shoot - Edit - Deliver

Films, photography & design that has an immediate impact

We have 30 years in design, photography and filmmaking experience across multiple sectors.

We have worked on projects that range from single short promotional video content through to long-term content production and delivery.

Our clients range from small companies to international corporations. 

We love the diversity and range and enjoy the unique challenge that every project provides.